Dukart Angus Ranch is located 4.5 miles west of Manning, North Dakota and is owned and operated by Derrick and Angie along with our children Iris, Ian, and Jude and Derrick’s parents Doug and Sandy Dukart. The ranch has been owned and operated on by our family since 1918.

We are a diversified farm and ranch operation consisting of a Registered Black and Red Angus. Derrick started with a purchase of 2 black angus heifers from the Joe Schaff Angus herd in 1993. Through the years we have added from other herds and currently run 130 black and red cows. We offer coming 2-year-old bulls that are developed on a roughage ration through the winter and turned out onto summer grass. We keep 25 to 30 bulls every year to develop and sell. We stress structure along with fleshing ability, fertility, correct feet and legs, and a good disposition.

We also run a commercial herd that is both red and black and primarily bred to horned Herford bulls. The resulting steer calves are sold through the ring and the heifers are retained and bred. We will calve them out in the following spring and either offer them as pairs or if grass permits we will run them during the summer and offer the BWF cows and coming three year old’s in the fall.

Our kids also have a small, registered and commercial herd of South African Savanna Goats that they raise. They sell the resulting progeny either as 4-H projects or into the meat market.

The farming side of the operation consists of growing spring and forage winter wheat, grain corn, sunflowers, alfalfa, hay barley, oats, and cover crops. We grow and harvest what we need for the cow herd and only bring in mineral and extra supplement if needed. We make the cowherd graze as long as possible during the year either on stockpiled grass, cover crop, or cropping residues.